General and Cross-Module Configuration Transaction Codes

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    SB09 Process Flow View of the Business Navigator
  SB10 Component View of the Business Navigator
  SE10 Customizing Organizer
  SPRO Enter the IMG
  SM30 Table Maintenance
  SM31 Extended Table Maintenance
  SE12 Data Dictionary change and display
  SE11 Data Dictionary Display
  SE16 The DataBrowser
  OSS1 Log on to OSS
  SU53 Authorization Object Request
  SE38 Run/Change/Display a Programme
  SA38 Run a Programme
  SM35 Batch Input Session Overview
  SE01 View Transport Logs
  GGB0 Create / Change Validation
  GGB1 Create / Change c
  GGB4 Activate Validations and Substitutions
  SNRO Maintain Number Range Objects

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