Materials Management T-Code

Materials Management

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Purchasing Purchase Requisitions Assign and Process Requisitions ME57
Change Purchase Requisition ME52N
Collective Release ME55
Create Purchase Requisition ME51N
Individual Release ME54
Purchase Requisitions: List Display ME5A
RFQ Quotation Processing Change RFQ ME42
Create RFQ - Request for Quotation ME41
Maintain Quotation ME47
PO Processing Change Purchase Order ME22N
Create Purchase Order ME21N
Print Fax or e-mail Purchase Order ME9F
Contracts Change Agreement ME32L
Change Contract ME32K
Create Agreement ME31L
Create Contract ME31K
Information System Purchasing Analysis of Order Values ME81
Purchase Orders by Material Group ME2C
Inventory Difference List MI20
Material Document Change Material Document MB02
Maintain Material Source List ME01
Output Processing for Material Documents MB90
Logistics Info System Vendor Evaluation Analysis ME6H
Inventory Management Goods Receipt Other Goods Receipt MB1C
Post Goods Receipt for PO MIGO
Post Goods Receipt for PO Vendor Unknown MIGO
Returns to vendor (via GR for PO) MIGO
Goods Issue Goods Issue MB1A
Goods Withdrawal MB1A

Stock Transfer Posting Display Warehouse Stock MB52
Material Documents List-material movements MB51
Stock Overviews MMBE
Transfer Posting MB1B
Physical Inventory Change Inventory Count MI05
Change Physical Inventory Document MI02
Create Physical Inventory Document MI01
Enter Count w/o Reference MI09
Enter Inventory Count MI05
Post Document count and differences MI10
Post Inventory Difference MI07
Invoice Verification Logistics Invoice Verification Enter Change Invoice MIRO
Maintain Clearing Account MR11
Output Invoice Verification Document MR90
Release Blocked Invoice MRBR
Master Records Purchasing Info Record Change Purchasing Info Record ME12
Changes to Purchasing Info Record ME14
Create Purchase Info Record ME11
Vendor Master Vendor Account Changes (Centrally) XK04
Vendor Master Change XK02
Vendor Master Creation XK01
Material Master Change Material Master MM02
Create Material Master MM01
MRP Material Requirements Planning MRP Run Single Item-Single Level MD03

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