Finance Transactions

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Master Data: G/L--01.1  
Creating / maintain a G/L Account FS01
Displaying a G/L Account FS03
Mark a G/L Account for Deletion FS06
General Ledger: Posting--01.2  
Display G/L Account Balances FS10
Display G/L Account Line Items FBL3
Updating G/L Posting Periods F-60
Posting to a G/L Account F-02
Process recurring documents F.14
Intercompany Process--01.3  
Clearing Intercompany Receivables FBZ1
Clearing Intercompany Payables FBZ2
Month-End Close Activity--02.1  
Month end accruals FBS1
Creating Sample Document Transactions FBR2
Preparing Data--02.3  
Generating the Compact Journal Report F.02
Posting/Reversing assesment KSU5
Revaluing Open Items F.05
Revaluing FC Managed Accounts F.06
Maintaining Currency Rates SM30
Finance Reporting/Verification--02.4  
Reconciling FI-GLX GCAC
Working with the Income Statement GR55
Working with the Balance Sheet GR55
Maintaining Fiscal Calendars 0B29
Performing Asset Accounting Fiscal Year End Closing AJAB
Performing Asset Accounting Fiscal Year End Change AJRW
Carrying Forward Balances F.07
Carrying Forward G/L Account Balances F.16
Carrying Forward GLX Account Balances FYTR
Pre-Close A/P--04.1  
Generate AP report F.41
Non-PO Related Invoice--04.2  
Handling vendor inquiries FK10
Processing an Invoice F-43
Displaying check register report FCHN
Canceling Payment FCH8
Processing a Credit Memo F-41
Non-Inventory Procurement--04.3  
Posting Manual Payments FBZ2
Processing a Credit Memo MRHG
Responding to Mail from Purchasing S001
Releasing Blocked Invoices Automatically MR02
Master Data--05.1  
Creating an Asset Master AS01
Maintaining an Asset Master AS02
Displaying an Asset Master AS03
Creating the Distribution for Asset Settlement AIAB
Displaying Asset Values AW01
Blocking or Deleting an Asset AS05/AS06
Displaying Asset Master Changes AS04
Capital Asset Retirement--05.2 ABA0
Acquire Fixed Asset--05.3  
Acquisition Posting ABZO
Posting an Intercompany Asset Acquisition AB01
Posting: Reversing Settlement of AUC AIST
Maintain Fixed Asset Control Data--05.4  
Asset Transfer ABUM
Periodic Processing--05.5  
Posting Depreciation AFAB
Cost Centers: Master Data--07.1  
Displaying Standard Hierarchy OKEO
Creating/Maintaining Cost Center Group KSH1/KSH2
Displaying a Cost Center Group or Alternate Hierarchy KSH3
Creating a Cost Center KS01
Deleting a Cost Center KS04
Creating/Maintaining Automatic Account Assignments OKB9
Generating the Cost Center Master Data Report OKW8
Cost Elements: Master Data--07.2  
Create/ maintain cost elements KA01
Creating/Maintaining Cost Element Groups KAH1/KAH2
Cost Centers: Allocations--07.3  
Create/Maintain an Assessment Cycle, Segment & Tracing Factor KSU1
Cost Centers: Reporting--07.4  
Displaying Cost Center Actual Line Items KSB1
Displaying Cost Center Commitment Line Items KSB2
Displaying CO Document: Single-Line Item KSB5
Displaying CO Document: Selection KALR
Creating an Internal Order K001
Creating Internal Order Groups K0H1
Running a Report from Report Selection Menu: Orders KOC2

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